About lleyenda

Framed Moon FinalLeyenda, spelled with one L, translates from Spanish as “legend.” Legends are usually stories about events  handed down for generations and popularly believed to have a historical basis but without documentation.

lleyenda, spelled with two Ls, is the specific name adopted by a number of individuals to identify themselves as a group.  This group consists of the author of this website, several other love-filled entities who first incarnated on this planet several thousand years ago, that, at present, do not have any physical form. Along with these beings are several other light bodies from the 5th and 6th dimensions  who have agreed to help him in a common goal. Their intention is to offer help and assist others in making the transition from the 3rd dimension, where most presently reside, into the 5th and 6th dimensions as Gaia, or Mother Earth, in self defense and also rebirth, makes this same transition.

This process is already under way. The erratic weather patterns we have been experiencing for the past decade is all a part of Gaia adjusting her core and outer shell to help all of her inhabitants  experience the higher frequencies which we are traveling toward. She has asked for and has been, for some time now, receiving energy from countless other systems and spiritual beings in this process.  Human inhabitants need to evolve with her if they desire to accompany her in her journey.  Gaia has made the conscious decision to manifest this transition and it is taking place in the present moment.

Everything on this planet is made of energy and is vibrating on a scale of consciousness.  Human beings are all vibrating at various frequencies. At present the average ‘level of vibration’ is a little above 200; the level of courage. It would be quite beneficial to then raise that level to a level of 500 or above; the level of love. Those who are able to sustain a level in the higher frequencies will be able to make the journey with Mother Earth without much displeasure.

Helping others achieve this shift is the goal of lleyenda Energies.  Again, it is their intention to help like-minded people make the adjustment needed for this transition. If they can help those in the lower frequencies move closer to the top of the ‘pyramid,’ it will make the transition for all those completing the journey much easier.

If we can be of assistance for anyone so desiring, we are here to help.

WE ARE lleyenda.