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Framed Sunset

      The author of this website, David Edwards, was incarnated in this lifetime during the Spring of 1951 in Greenville, Mississippi, which is indeed located in the heart of the “Mississippi Delta.”  Both parents grew up on farms near Glen Allen, located about 30 miles south of Greenville, and were part of the first generation of their families that left the “land” to dwell in a “city.” He was born the middle child, with one older brother and one younger sister. He could never understand why he could not get involved with some things his brother did because he “wasn’t old enough” and at the same time he could’t get away with some of the things his sister did because she was “the baby.” He grew up a true product of the “middle child syndrome”.

"Roots"While growing up, the family always took the opportunity to visit his grandparents still living on the farm near Glen Allen and was able to learn the ways of  “country folk.”  Life seemed a little more laid back out in the country and he always enjoyed his weekends there. There just seemed to be a little more freedom out in the country away from the constraints of the city.

      All of his primary and secondary education took place in the late fifties and sixties and was subject to the mindset of the “Deep South.”  After graduation from high school, he left Greenville to work for the FBI in Washington, D.C.  He knew he was running, but did not really know if it was something that he was running from or running toward.

     His tenure at the FBI lasted only about nine months, yet it seemed like one long party. The group he had fallen in with seemed to be more interested in continuing the party than settling down and improving themselves.  Before he could make up his mind on which direction to focus, the National Draft Board for the Selective Service held a national lottery and his birth date was drawn 2nd on the list.  He knew that being drafted by the military was inevitable. Instead of allowing himself to be drafted for two years, he decided to enlist for three. Hindsight is always 20/20, but he could never explain, even to himself, why he made this decision at that time.  He attempted to explain the actions by playing the “Duty, Honor, Country” card but in his heart he didn’t even believe the story himself. He was still running.

    Viet Nam was indeed in a different world. One of the first jobs David got involved with while waiting for assignment was to take 55 gallon drums containing napalm and changing the description of its contents to read Fu-Gas. When he started asking the “Why” questions, he was told that the military had been told by “Higher Up’s” that Napalm could no longer be used against the enemy and we had to start using this new agent called Fu-Gas and until someone delivers to us an agent called Fu-Gas. we are going to use up what we have because what we are using is quite effective and gets the job done. It was his first exposure to the idea that the “Truth” is never as important than what people “Think the Truth Is”. During both tours in Viet Nam, (the second tour which he volunteered for, another unexplainable event) David tried to serve his God, his country, his neighbor, and himself to the best of his abilities. It was not always in that order, but, none the less, the best he knew how.  After he left Southeast Asia and a short assignment at Fort Hood, Texas, David was honorably discharged in March of 73 with two Bronze Stars and several other accommodation metals, which he felt were all simply attendance awards.

Framed David by FlowersDavid had met a young woman in Washington, D.C., while going through training at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.  Mara was the roommate of his brother’s girlfriend, and David fell in love with her very quickly. While overseas, the distance and separation from each other took its toll and their relationship suffered from it. While stationed at Fort Hood, she gave him a call and asked if he could come to Dallas for a visit, just to get together and see how each of them were doing. And Bingo, the “Thunderbolt” struck again and David fell deeply in love again and was married by October the same year.

     Employment opportunities in Dallas were slim without a college education, so it was decided that Mara would get a transfer to her home town of El Paso in order for David to attend college under the GI bill. David attended the University of Texas @ El Paso (known by David and his fellow students as “Harvard on the Border”).  He received his BBA in Acctg/Econ in three years and thought that he was ready to set the world on fire. It took him six years through four jobs to realize that he had no business wearing a suit and tie, stuck in a back office, putting little numbers in small boxes to let other people know how their business was doing.

     In January of 1983 he traded in his suit and tie for a pair of blue jeans after purchasing a resort and marina in southwest Colorado. What he actually purchased was a lifestyle. For the next two decades he found himself, during the season, working twelve to fifteen hours a day helping people enjoy themselves while they were taking their vacations during the Springs, Summers, and Falls. His office walls were no less than the San Juan Mountains which surrounded his area of operations. He became “One” with his environment and was quite comfortable in what others would describe as “his walk in life.” He considered his marina a stage in which he was not only the director but also “The  Star” of the performance. He was able to make most of the people that experienced the show very happy. 

Alas, nothing in the third dimension lasts forever, except “diamonds and old fords” and even these lose their luster. Since running the resort and marina was as labor intensive as it was, it became apparent that David and Mara could not continue the pace indefinitely so the decision was made to sell our property in Colorado and do something else. They had their property on the market almost three years before finding a buyer. In October of 2001 they closed on the sale and was able to put themselves on the market to continue another path.

Framed Meditating DavidWith their experience in serving people, they decided to dive into a position as caretakers. They procured an opportunity in Minneapolis with a family that owned a large estate on Lake Minnetonka. It was an historical estate and the owners were very caring and  down to earth in there attitudes toward their employees. Within six months the estate managers made a decision to move back to Ohio to be closer to their aging relative, and David and Mara assumed the duties of the estate managers. They were treated like family and enjoyed helping the owners enjoy their lifestyle, which included entertaining people in all walks of life, from Presidents to well-known entertainers. For the next seven years, David and Mara helped raise their grandchildren, performed all the duties associated with the upkeep of the property, while attending to the wants needs and desires of the owners. The hours were long and the vacations were few but they enjoyed what they were doing.  At one point David caught double pneumonia and never gave himself the time to fully recover. He developed night sweats and when he finally went to the doctor, and after a battery of tests, the medical staff told him they could not find out exactly what was wrong. He decided to go outside the box and made an appointment with a Reiki Master. It changed his life immediately. He knew at once that there was something about this individual and what he was doing that he had to become a part of. After receiving a Reiki attunement, he started giving himself treatments and within three months, the night sweats were gone. For once in his life, David knew how to relax and get the rest his body was craving. The people he met through of Reiki introduced him to ideas and perceptions that resonated with him on a level that he had never experienced before. He opened his mind, started to meditate, and through channeling and past life regressions, started to remember many things that had been repressed since childhood.

     When the owners of the estate made a decision to sell the estate, they asked David and Mara to go with them and continue their employment in Arizona.  After careful consideration, it was decided that Arizona was not exactly where they wanted to spend the last few years of their employment. They decided to move to Jackson, Mississippi, where David had family and see what life would bring. They have met some very close friends there and plan to make this area their home until they are guided elsewhere.