Distance Energy

Since most of us are experiencing the present moment in the third dimension and lleyenda Energies is based in Flowood, Mississippi, most of our energy work is initiated by David, the website author. This energy is prepared by the complete network of lleyenda entities and delivered to the recipients at their desired location under the laws of Quantum Physics. The intent of the basic energy transmission is to clear and balance all of the recipient’s major chakras and clearing and securing the Zero Chakra, one’s earth grounding center, to Mother Earth.  Anyone desiring the basic energy can contact me at  and will be given instructions on what is needed in order for delivery, and how to prepare yourself  to receive the energy. The duration of this session usually lasts from twenty five to thirty minuets. The cost for this basic package is $24.00



Framed Cosmos PictureBeyond the basic package, lleyenda Energies will also generate a session that will start the process for opening, clearing, and balancing your upper extended chakra system. This system is latent in most individuals, however as more people advance spiritually, this extended system starts to kick in and will become the next step in the spiritual evolution of the planet. This session usually lasts about forty minuets. Anyone desiring this treatment can contact me at to arrange delivery. The cost for this session is $49.00 .



In Person Energy Session with Personal Consultation
Anyone located in the Jackson, MS, area desiring an in depth, in-person energy session with or without infrared technology can contact lleyenda Energies at and an appointment will be set to fit your schedule. These sessions may last approximately sixty to ninety minuets depending on the intention of the session. The fee for these sessions is sixty dollars .