Peyton Wofford's Testimonial for lleyenda Energies


“Receiving Reiki from David is such a treat! Similar to floating in a warm free flowing river, David is able to channel some lovely high frequency healing energy your energetic system will likely enjoy! And receiving Reiki while on the Biomat is an extra treat! Imagine your muscles relaxing into the infrared heat and releasing tension and stagnation. It’s like a day at the sauna PLUS healing energy work! And I was surprised and delighted to find that Distance Reiki from David actually felt like he was channeling the infrared from the Biomat, too!”   -Peyton of Jackson, MS



 “I was reawakened and rejuvenated to my core from the energy session I received from David. I had a shift in my energies that literally vibrated to a higher frequency. I’m preparing to receive long distance energy work. I am positive it will be as equally amazing! I will let you know how it is going.” Katy of Wesson, MS